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Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Lean Processes, Expert Consultant Resume

Resume of EPV Consultant

Principal Industries Served:

  • Chemical Processing
  • Direct Sell Computer Retailing
  • Food
  • Home Shopping Retailers
  • Hospitality and Hotel Firms
  • Industrial and Automotive Components
  • Medical Equipment
  • Mining
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Retail Fixture Manufacturers
  • Specialty Metals


This expert has a MBA, earned while attending the Oklahoma City University.

This expert has a B.S. in Management and Marketing, earned while attending the Southwest Missouri State University.

This expert has done additional post graduate work in Supply Chain Management at The Pennsylvania State University.

Expertise and Services:

Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Lean Processes, Expert Consultant Resume

This consultant has extensive knowledge in reducing operating costs, increasing asset utilization, and improving returns on investment and assets. This expert has an understanding in manufacturing and distribution of medical equipment. The pharmaceutical, mining, food, and retail industries are of interest to this expert. Industrial and automotive components, remanufacturing, specialty metals, chemical processing, and packaging are other areas of expertise this consultant has.

This associate offers specific expertise relative to financial and manufacturing assessments for client executives, detailing and implementing improvement processes, lean processes for manufacturing, distribution and service environments.

Specialization of this expert includes design and implementation of distribution and logistics solutions for home shopping retailers, retail fixture manufacturers, hospitality and hotel firms, and direct sell computer retailing. This expert is also experienced in reverse logistics, forecasting methodologies, production planning, control processes, and production forecasting systems. Warehouse and inventory management, ERP training and education, set-up reduction programs, and asset tracking are other areas which this expert has interest. This expert is also highly knowledgeable in strategic sourcing programs, and productivity improvement.

Professional Experience:

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing materials management, manufacturing and supply chain consulting, lean processes consulting, continuous improvement, asset management and optimization, forensic analysis and investigation, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.

Additional Experience:

Led a materials management team that reduced finished goods inventory by 16% and increased customer fill rates from 60% to 92%, for a major automotive component re-manufacturer. This was accomplished by overhauling company forecasting methodologies and production planning and control processes.

Developed and delivered a production forecasting system for the service parts area of a major lawn hardware manufacturing company. This allowed them to accurately plan material and labor resources.

Supervised and transformed a collection of warehouses into a network of distributions centers by designing and implementing a warehouse and inventory management program for a major cellular telephone provider. This identified $8 million in "found" inventory, as well as a 25% reduction in annual warehousing costs.

Project manager for a successful enterprise system implementation.

Retrained client Industrial Engineers to perform timely, yet accurate time standards, and lot and queue sizing for input into a major kitchen cabinet manufacturers' planning system.

Developed and delivered an ERP training and education program for a major defense contractor that was used by a DOD ERP software procurement group.

Re-implemented a number of incomplete ERP system installations to take advantage of modules that were not set-up or improperly set-up.

Implemented a set-up reduction program for a major corrugated converter that resulted in an immediate 20% and 70% overall reduction in set-up time that increased production on a mission critical press.

Implemented Asset Tracking for major retailers and health care providers that allowed them to track and redeploy surplus assets, resulting in cost avoidance savings of $250,000 annually, per client.

Designed, implemented and managed a reverse logistics program for the world's largest PC manufacturer. This fixed price program covered the logistics of picking up PCs and peripherals off of lessee desks, globally, and returning them to the manufacturer for resale or salvage.

Took over a troubled assembly line installation for a major wood stove manufacturer. Managed the installation of the line to get back on schedule and built inventory for a successful product launch.

Developed, implemented and managed a strategic sourcing program that reduced raw material costs for a major printing company, by $1.8 million annually and used these savings to lower quoted bid pricing and increased sales by 10%.

Implemented a scrap recycling program for a major printing company that reduced their waste disposal costs by 33%, and netted $100,000 in scrap (recyclable material) sales.

Studied and fixed supply related logistical and management issues for a major coal mining company. As a result of the consulting teams’ effort, processing plant yields increased 9% and overall mine production increased by 18%.

Examined quote process for a major offshore oil platform fabricator and found errors that unnecessarily inflated quotes, making the company uncompetitive. Along with productivity improvements and the elimination of fraudulent overtime, the company won 75% of quoted new projects.

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