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Our chemical engineers work in a variety of different fields. Our training and education allows us to work in industries such as chemical manufacturing (production), healthcare, energy, electronics, or food production. In addition, we can also work in fields associated with clothing/textiles, biotechnology, paper manufacture, or medical devices. We can design process equipment, apply chemistry fundamentals to define a process, or work in a management role. Our experts have worked in all of these fields and others as well.

Our civil engineers are often called upon to assist in litigation cases -disputes arising from the construction of many different types of infrastructure. Examples of our use for construction litigation matters include defect related matters or planning/scheduling related issues. Experienced experts are required in these areas to ensure you retain someone with the necessary knowledge to clearly understand and support your case. Our civil engineers work on a number of different projects. These include the building of airports, tunnels, large buildings, roads, bridges, dams, water treatment facilities, and drinking water systems to just name a few. They can function as a field engineer or designer that works with complex computer tools to come up with appropriate safe designs.


From nano technology to power generation, our electrical engineers play a role. Our training and experience prepares us to work in any number of technical fields. The types of things we might work on include transformers, generators, electric motors, wiring in buildings or communication systems. Our electrical engineers are often referred to as electronics engineers if they work in the design, manufacture, or control of smaller electronic components. They would work in the area of computer equipment, radar systems, signal processing, semiconductor chips, or even aviation electronics.


Our environmental engineers can have training from any number of technology fields. They might have been trained as a civil engineer, chemist, biologist, chemical engineer, or even mechanical engineer. The environmental engineer has to understand the interaction of biology and chemistry as it impacts the enviroment.

Our environmental engineers may work in cleaning up super fund sites, designing wastewater treament facilities, examining the purification of drinking water, or working on minimizing the discharge of effluents into our rivers and streams. They also work in the development and implementation of environmental regulations.


We provide highly-credentialed, highly-experienced safety experts for accident investigations. Our experts are ready and able to investigate fires, explosions, industrial accidents and construction sites, having worked in manufacturing facilities, fire departments, process plants, food processing facilities and power plants. Our consultants are familiar with OSHA standards and good work practices for any setting where employees work near dangerous equipment ; they practice safe storage of chemicals and machine guarding principles.

Click on one of our resumes below to learn more about our accident investigation experts.


Industrial engineers are a key component to ensuring that manufacturing and process facilities stay competitive and operate as cost-effectively as possible. Their roles are to optimize productivity through the use of people, machines, energy, information, and materials. All of these items come into play when a part, or food product, or chemical are produced within a manufacturing facility.

Sometimes an integral part of our industrial engineering experts’ role is applying a quality system to the products or processes they work with. Quality programs encompass many things, but ultimately they are to make the most out of the raw materials used in a facility with the least amount of waste and used in the most cost-effective manner.


Our Materials Engineer Experts are experienced in the development, processing and production of materials that may include metals, plastics, ceramics, semi-conductors or composites.

If you’re facing challenges due mechanical, chemical or electrical failure of materials, call us. Within minutes, we’ll assemble a team of materials engineer experts to address your situation. Our materials engineer’s knowledge allows them to determine what materials are best applied in different applications, how these materials will stand up in a corrosive environment and how these materials will respond to wide temperature variations.

We can help you assess the technical aspects of your process, potential investment opportunity or legal case. Our materials engineer experts will define those requirements and help find the right resolution for your situation. Call us today to help save you time and money.


Materials experts are often thought of as metallurgists or metallurgical engineers, but with the development of new composites and plastics this field can also consider chemists, chemical engineers, and process engineers as well. Our experts can be involved in the development, processing, or production of materials of numerous materials. These materials may include metals, plastics, ceramics, semi-conductors, or composites.

The materials our experts can develop or are knowledgeable about are designed to have certain mechanical, chemical, and electrical characteristics. Our experts’ knowledge allows them to determine what materials are best applied in different applications, how these materials will stand up in a corrosive environment, and how these materials will respond to wide temperature variations


Below is a list of some of our medical experts that work in various medical fields. These experts are specialist in their fields – experienced and knowledgeable. If you can not find the exact expert you are looking for please contact us and let us help you. At times, finding the exact specialist can be a tough task – let us do that work for you while you focus on your case and clients


All of our experts cannot be limited to just a few categories of expertise. Our experts work in other fields including health and biological sciences, computer science and programming, forensics, and many more. Click below to view other experts by page


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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


  • Poly(methylmethacrylate) Manufacturing Operations / Processes Consultants
  • Cell Phone Technologies Expert


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