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If it sparks, holds a charge, carries a current, plugs into an outlet, or runs off a generator, chances are we've worked on it. From power systems and transformers, to underground cables and alternative energy, we have the experience. Kevin Kennedy Associates experts have worked in areas such as nanoelectrochemicals, electrohydraulics, radio frequencies, semiconductors and more. Select a case study below to read about our real world experiences

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1 The Development of a Mixed-Signal CMOS Multiplier Circuit
2 Opinion On The Impact Of High -Voltage Power Lines On Communication Services
3 Conductor Design and Use for Power Transmission Applications
4 Video Camera Iris Control System Improves Dynamic Response
5 Design of Printed Circuit Board Customized Housing
6 Transformer Failure Forensic Investigation
7 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Antenna Systems
8 Antenna Installation Analysis
9 Motor Control
10 Yield Improvement at a Major Semiconductor Chip Manufacturer
11 SiGe 43.2 Gb/s 4:1 Multiplexor and Clock Multiplier for OC-768 Fiber Communications
12 Performance Analysis of the Adaptive Available Bit Rate (ABR) Voice over ATM Networks Systems
13 Innovative Antenna Development
14 Rebuilt SF6 Circuit Breakers Stop SF6 Gas Leaks
15 A SiGe 10-Gb/s Multi-Pattern Bit Error Rate Tester
16 RFID Antenna Design Analysis
17 User Interface Challenges for Digital TV
18 Electrohydraulic Power Steering
19 Electronics Patent Portfolio Review
20 Liquid Level Sense (LLS) Handling
21 Electronic Module Plastic Packaging Expert Testimony
22 Hybrid Microcircuits and Modular Power Supplies Design
23 Assessment of New Photomask Repair Technology
24 Motor Control Analysis and Digital Motion Control
25 Radar Scattering from Objects on a Rough Sea
26 Soldering Process Technology
27 Electrocution Litigation Support
28 Semiconductor Metrology System Product Plan
29 Optimization of RFID Tag Performance
30 Front End Processes Required for Continued CMOS Scaling
31 Mobile Sensor Swarms
32 Statistical Co-optimization of Surface Mount Circuit Board Assembly Equipment
33 Non-Registered Radio System User
34 “I’m Not (knowingly) Re-Programming My EEPROM, So Who or What Is?”
35 Consultants for Using Sensors in NASA
36 RhoB mRNA is Stabilized by HuR After UV Light
37 Focused Ion And Electron Multi Nanobeams, A Radically New Technology
38 Patent Work for Mobile Communications
39 Nanoelectromechanical Quantum Circuits and Systems
40 Selection of Amplifiers in Frequency Reference Systems
41 Global Field Service,Repair, Customer Satisfaction- Cellular Products
42 Static Build Up on Production Line Solved
43 Portable Satellite Communications Antenna System Analysis
44 NanoMEMS Systems on Chip
45 “9-11-2001: Are There Any Persons Trapped in the World Trade Center Parking Garages?”
46 The Development of a Low Input Voltage Current Mirror
47 Statistical Co-optimization of Surface Mount Circuit Board Assembly Equipment Using Software
48 The Development of a High-Speed CMOS Summing Circuit
49 Selection of the Correct RF Frequency Reference



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