Civil Engineering

From bridge construction to nanofabrication facilities, industrial trade schools to precast concrete, we know civil engineering. Kevin Kennedy Associates has experts in a wide variety of civil areas, such as inspection, site analysis and risk eassessment, vibration analysis, and construction remediation planning.

Commercial Building Inspection
When a commercial building was being remodled, water damage was observed in the concrete slabs. The evaluating engineer also noted conditions of concern on the building facade, especially on the lintels.

Construction of Industrial Trade School
Consultant to lead the task of construction of a 12,000 square foot building, including complete building design, construction and school layout.

Nanofabrication Facility Planning
This expert consultant carried out the planning and execution of the development of a world-class nanofabrication facility at a university.

Hotel Design and Construction
This expert was hired to oversee design and construction of an award winning contemporary resort hotel.

Phased Array Architecture Analysis
Modern commercial and military radar and communications systems use phased array antennas to enhance system performance. These systems are often called “smart antennas” when used for commercial wireless applications.

Precast-concrete Erection Issue
A construction project utilized precast concrete elements. The precast concrete erector subcontractor expressed concern for the support detail of one of the elements referred to as a “light shelf.”

Site Characterization and Risk Assessment
This expert served as the Project Manager for 200-acre Construction Debris (CD) landfill project, responsible for all aspects of guiding a national bank through the Illinois EPA Site Remediation Program for the issuance of a “No Further Remediation” letter.

Risk Assessment for Former Steel Mill
This expert served as the Project Manager for the Brownfield redevelopment of a former downtown Cleveland steel mill.

Structural Assessment of Existing Precast Concrete Superstructure
Investigation of the load capacity of an existing office building constructed with precast prestressed concrete approximately 40 years ago.

Vibration Survey
Site located near a power plant which serves the medical center and other nearby hospital facilities. Because the heavy diesel engines of the power plant produce significant vibrations in its vicinity, the site and the suppliers of a new ultra-sensitive magnetic resonance imaging system (MRI) were concerned about the effects of these vibrations on the MRI.

Condominium Inspection
This consultant performed a visual inspection of the parking garage and the interior and exterior of the residential building, with a review of the available documents and maintenance history.

Contractor Claim
A contractor was terminated on a major multi-unit residential project. The contractor filed a claim against the owner. The investigation confirmed that the claim was for work that was not in conformance with the project documents.

Investigation of Firm V. General Contractor
The general contractor charged with expanding a rental car facility at Las Vegas by renovation of the Case Equipment portion within the rental car firm’s adjacent facility.

Construction Site Investigation
Unnamed person fell to his death when he stepped down from a wall form system onto a work platform (scaffold) at the 52 foot level at Market Square, Las Vegas.

Facade Inspection and Specifications
A building in an elderly housing property was in danger of not passing the regular HUD inspections because of spalling of the face of the brick masonry veneer.

Property Condition Assessment
Expert consultants’ Property Condition Assessment of property located in OH.

Indoor Air Quality Remediation
This consultant’s expertise in polymer and composite materials modeling and simulation was developed through more than two decades of both hands-on work and technical leadership (in an industrial environment) in the development, implementation, and application of a broad range of modeling and simulation techniques and software.

Reviewing Contractor’s Operations
A university terminated a general contractor for default of the contract. The general contractor was months behind the completion of an equestrian facility that included earthwork, concrete and a simple building structure.

Roofing Contractor Bond Default
One of the very difficult conditions this consultant faced in accessing this case was that the Roofing Contractor owner had been diagnosed with an advanced and very aggressive form of cancer and lived only a short time after this consultant was involved in the default recovery in the case.